Unique Sculptural Coffee Table by Nerone E Patuzzi

Unique ‘one of a kind’ wooden Sculptural coffee table by Nerone and Patuzzi for Gruppo NP2. Specially made for the Bienalle in Venice, 1967 and bought there by it’s former owner. This table was actually the inspiration for the later model from 1972, which was produced in an edition of 200. Although it has strong similarities both the design and the the finish are different; this model is first burned with a flame and finished with clear varnish, the later models were produced in a ‘burned by a flame’ version or finished with a clear varnish and never both. The table is in excellent original condition.

Gruppo NP2 was founded in 1962 by Nerone Ceccarelli & Giancarlo Patuzzi. They experimented with new sources of poetic expression from the materials.

Dimensions: W 92 x D 112 x H 37,5 cm



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